Every Time a company has a kitchen emergency, the time you consume is the most important and valuable thing you have to consider, you cannot lose precious time when your current kitchen catches on fire or has real need for prompt renovation, therefore, the quickest and most reliable option is renting temporary solutions, Luxury Kitchen STC can provide you the Trailer or Mobile Facility with the equipment that you need, we also have, Refrigerated Container Rentals, Mobile Kitchen Trailer Rentals, Mobile Restroom Trailers, Mobile Office Rentals and more. We have put together this great variety of services on different units to make sure we can provide you the best options when you are planning your projects and even more so when you are in an emergency case, as we mentioned before, we care deeply about your needs and we specialize in emergency rentals.

Our kitchen facilities around Santa Barbara Oceanside, Oxnard, Palmdale, Long Beach, San Bernardino, Anaheim, Santa and other cities around CA, as well as other states, are regulated by the strictest levels of health and sanitary conditions; we meet all local health codes and international building codes. The safety it’s our priority, all of our mobile units as well as our prefabricated facilities have fire suppression system which protects all units from fire accidents that sadly occur with big frequency. We specialize in emergency cases because we have units stored in every single state and we have a big variety of units that we can deliver you in a real fast time.

We also provide services for: restaurant kitchen design, modular kitchen design, mobile modular kitchen design consultant, temporary kitchen design consultant, healthcare food service design, school, college, university, correctional facilities, and jail food service consultant.

The only company that can give you the highest levels of customer service and the best quality of units is us; we are professionals with a vast experience providing kitchen units for different types of needs and customers. We are not only so happy to help you in every way possible but capable of doing so, in a way that shows our great knowledge, genuine care for you and all the necessary things for your project, we are your best friends when it comes to giving you all you need, we are the only company that really cares for you and can provide all units for your project.
Whether you have a large demand for food service or not, the truth is that our Mobile Kitchen Facilities are the best options for projects, we provide the dishwasher, refrigerated containers even though our trailers do come with refrigeration inside and any equipment you may need. We can always add new equipment to our facilities by customer’s request. Luxury Kitchen STC is your best friend when it comes to fulfilling your needs, we care and are able to facilitate you everything you need to make sure you are a very happy customer.

There are many cases where a lot of customer customers have big construction projects, mostly hospitals, restaurants or correctional, they have big demands to produce a big number of meals per day, mission that cannot be accomplished without the proper equipment for it. We provide Dishwashing trailers that customers may need in case they are washing several plates per day. All dishwashing trailers that Luxury Kitchen STC offers are also regulated by different states and health departments, our Dishwashing Trailers have also the 3 compartment sink, hand sinks, Push through Dishwasher and water heater of 120 degrees which is required by health departments in some states.

The equipment we have is provided to all our customers for long term leasing and short term, in some cases we can provide you the facilities for special events, but the fact is, since our focus is helping all customers and the nation with disasters, emergency cases and so on, our facilities are not rented for business purposes, if you are looking to rent one of our facilities to sell food we would not be able to help you, but in case restaurant kitchens catch on fire or they have a remodeling project we will be very happy to provide everything for them. In a lot of cases when customers want to rent the our units for long term or when they are renting more that 2 units, we provide great discounted rates so that everything can fit into your budget and guarantee that the project is the most important thing rather than the money because we really care about your needs.